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Luke Ferris

Luke Ferris

Out there in the wilds of the startup world, there is ultimately nowhere to hide. Delivering just “something” rather than the “right thing” has little effect. No needles are moved, no riches are made, no investors are particularly happy and the startups (over 90% on average) plod slowly towards that dark, startup dead pool beyond the horizon. This can lead entrepreneurs to ask some difficult questions of themselves: Where is the line between chance and skill? Are there techniques or ways of viewing the world which might tip the balance in my favour? How can I spend the hours in these precious days in such a manner that wasted effort is at a minimum? These are the answers for which I search. The journey so far has taken me through a marketing agency, digital transformation in the music industry, an MBA, eBay in product strategy, startup creation (twice), aspiring venture funds and now to Bain & Company where I am part of the leadership team for ADAPT: Bain's innovation and digital group.