Startup Week London
Startup Week London
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Startup week London


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Nigel Verdon
Co-Founder and CEO, Railsbank

Arnaud de la Tour
President & CEO, Hello Tomorrow

Lucy Mullins
COO & Co-Founder, StepLadder

Luke Ferris
Associate Partner, ADAPT @ Bain

Eamonn Carey
Managing Director, Techstars London

Founder, Screencloud

Founder, Untapped Pricing

Kathy Harvey
Associate Dean, MBA at Said Business School

Founder & CEO, StepEx

Account Manager, SeedLegals

Co-Founder & CTO, Horizan VC

Startup Week London
Co-Founder Angels News

Founder, Canton Marketing Solutions

VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot

Network Lead / Facilitator / Speaker / Pirate

Co-Founder, Horizan VC

CEO, Difrent

Co-founder & CEO, Space DOTS Ltd (UK)

Director, Next Level Coaching & Performance Improvement

Fintech consultant, Strategic Advisor, Startup Business Mentor

Innovation Programmes Officer, Barclays

Founder and CEO of TeknTrash

Founder & CEO, Good-Loop

Founder & CEO, WeAre8

Head of Ecosystem Strategy, Startup Genome

Head of Ecommerce, Havas Media Group

Managing Partner, SOCS GokSon Capital

Founder, Arkeo

Founder, Public Speaker and Author of F*ck Being Humble

Co-Founder, Cushon

CEO, Cutover

Co-Founder & CEO, YEO Messaging

CEO & Co-Founder, Get My Slice

Founder, Propelia

Chief Investment Officer, Seedrs

Chief Operating Officer, Green Angel Syndicate

Strategy & Operations, SeedLegals

Founder, Rightfounder

Co- Founder & MD, LoveGunn

Co- Founder & Creative Director, LoveGunn

CEO, Inventya

Head of Investor Partnerships, SeedLegals

Head of Growth, Landscape Ventures

Global Head of Programmes and Strategic Partnerships, Barclays

Head of US Principal Investments, Barclays

Global Head of Venture Studio, Anthemis Group

CEO, Swaypay

Director, Boylett's Communications

Innovation Programmes Manager, Barclays

Head of UK & Ireland, Tink

Founder & CEO, The Secure Payments Group (SPG)

Co-Founder & CEO, Nossa Data

Investment Director, True Altitude

Founder & CEO, Sunmo Snacks

Founder, Babes on Waves

Founder & CEO, Eola

CEO, St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge

Scaleup Director, Innovate UK EDGE

CEO, Super Sharp Space Systems

Founder & CEO, Briteyellow

Programme Lead, Innovation Loans at Innovate UK

Senior Manager, UK Network, South East of England, British Business Bank

CEO & Co-Founder, Octaive

Managing Partner, Hex Digital

Co-Founder & CEO, Settld

Elizabeth Kimball
ADAPT Innovation Team @ Bain

Strategic Account Manager, SeedLegals